Case Study

Innovative fix for critical filter transition issue expanded partnership

Global manufacturer of pumps and I.V. sets entrusted ITW Medical to engage in a filter transition and then solve subsequent problems arising from switch. ITW's team quickly evaluated the problem and delivered a timely solution that seamlessly allowed uninterrupted operations for the customer.

The Bottom Line: The customer was deeply content with ITW's response to challenge. ITW gained new business with customer and overall customer realized cost savings and continuous production.

Medipure I.V. Filter

The Challenge: Reduce cost by switching filters and quickly solve resulting challenge

  • Switch Adult IV filters to the more cost efficient MediPure IV filter
  • Rectify problem with the new filter when assembled into sets and not hinder customer's production process

The Solution: Rapid assessment and resolution

  • Initially manufactured and delivered 150,000 MediPure IV filter units in the desired timeframe
  • ITW Medical's production team rapidly assessed and rectified the root cause of the plugging issue that arose when the filters were assembled into sets
  • ITW Medical's team amplified its efforts, producing 150,000 of the original Adult IV filters in a time frame that facilitated continuous production

The Outcome: Cost savings and uninterrupted production

  • Zero lag in production
  • Commitment to quality and exemplary customer service resulted in the customer using the MediPure IV filter in other parts of its business, realizing 5% cost savings