Case Study

Scalable manufacturing system enables successful multi-continent product launch

Because of ITW Medical's high-volume, high-quality filtration capability, a major European medical device OEM engaged ITW Medical to design a highly sophisticated manufacturing system. ITW Medical's engineering and production expertise was employed to design the custom solution.

The Bottom Line: Innovative design solution was easily scaled to accommodate growth for high volume manufacturing, enabling successful product launch in European and US markets and increased market share.

The Challenge: Develop an all-new integral filter

  • Deliver a fully customized solution to meet customer's intricate filtration requirements
  • Design filter solution to integrate into customer's product without affecting the product's form, fit or function

The Solution: Custom scalable manufacturing system

  • ITW Medical quickly deployed a tailored manufacturing design that was successfully prototyped and tested
  • Built a low-volume manufacturing line to facilitate customer's test for problem resolution and user acceptance via launch to the regional European market

The Outcome: Cost savings and uninterrupted production

  • Six months after launch, customer contracted ITW Medical to construct a high volume, fully automated manufacturing line to meet the needs of the European market
  • Eighteen months later, customer engaged ITW Medical to enter the US market and enjoyed increased global market share.