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Vent Caps

Plastic encapsulated filter assemblies using medical grade engineered plastics with a variety of woven and synthetic filtering medias.

There are 13 products related to this category.

Product No. Mfg. No. Product Name Description
0042230-00-020 0042230-00-020 Vent Cap 0.2u Vent Cap White
0042230-00-040 0042230-00-040 Vent Cap 0.45u Vent Cap White
0042230-00-080 0042230-00-080 Vent Cap 0.8u Vent Cap White
0042230-00-090 0042230-00-090 Vent Cap 0.8u Vent Cap Blue
0042230-00-300 0042230-00-300 Vent Cap 3.0u Vent Cap White
0042230-00-500 0042230-00-500 Vent Cap 5.0u Vent Cap White
0047500-00-000 4750000 I.V. Catheter Vent Plug 0.8u Vent Plug Clear
0047660-00-000 4766000 Oleophobic Vent Cap 0.8u Vent Cap
0047660-00-300 4766300 Hydrophobic Air Vent Vent Cap
0047660-00-400 4766400 Hydrophobic Vent Cap Vent Cap
0047660-00-600 476660 Hydrophobic Air Vent 3.0u Vent
0047660-00-700 4766700 Air Vent Vent Cap
0048640-00-200 4864200 I.V. Catheter Vent Plug 0.8u Vent Plug White
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