Case Study

Re-engineered process leads to cost savings and increased market share

Recently, a global leader in innovative medical solutions with distribution to over 40 countries chose ITW Medical for product design and engineering support. ITW Medical's ability to innovatively solve complex manufacturing hurdles; a dedicated customer team with high creativity; and expertise in designing and developing ideal solutions in the most cost effective and efficient ways are several reasons that escalated ITW to the top choice.

The Bottom Line: ITW Medical's innovative streamlined solution resulted in cost savings, increased market share and greater profitability!

The Challenge: Rethink and redesign an intricate product and its engineering

  • Devise a tailored solution to address production inefficiencies in the assembly of customer's product and eliminate long lead times
  • Remedy the cost challenges of the existing product

The Solution: Re-engineer the process

  • Dedicated teams to assess customer's situation and offer customized solutions
  • Leveraged ITW Medical's innovation expertise in product design and engineering to streamline assembly process
  • Commitment to efficiency allowed ITW Medical to meet customer's stringent timelines

The Outcome: Cost savings plus increased sales

  • With ITW Medical's innovative engineering solution, the customer realized a reduction in time to market and 5% cost savings
  • Re-engineered process provided a more reliable, higher quality product to end users, which led to increased market share and overall boost in profitability