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Fluid / Flow Control

For more than 10 years, Filtertek has been involved in the development and manufacture of Check Valves that are used in Medical Applications.

Following some serious incidents of incorrect amounts of prescribed solutions being infused into critically ill patients, it became very apparent that there was a void in the Check Valve market for a suitable product to prevent such occurrences. The market requirement was for a reliable low opening /cracking pressure check valve with zero backflow on a dual I.V. infusion set under gravity and pump feed. As the application was very demanding, no check valve manufacturer in the industry had produced a satisfactory valve.

Filtertek, having recognized the market requirement for a cost effective solution, invented a suitable check valve that would exceed the requirements that had been set out by the market. Such was the innovation in Filtertek’s invention that the Company was shortlisted for a National Innovation Award for new products.

Due to its low opening pressure and zero backflow characteristics, the Filtertek check valve acts as a safety valve when a patent is undergoing dual infusion. The Filtertek valve also protects the patent from overdose if occlusion occurs during solution administration and allows further infusion of solutions to take place when required. The valve also prevents backflow into the gravity set if occlusion occurs with the benefit of knowing that the correct volume of fluid has been infused. This assurance greatly aids the Medical Staff in the treatment of the patient.

It is now compulsory to use a check valve on a dual infusion sets and the Filtertek valve remains the favoured choice of many OEM’s where it is used in tens of millions of hospital sets.

The Filtertek Valve design is protected under patent in the USA and Europe.

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