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Designed to vent air from I.V. lines and prevent bacterial contamination from reaching the patient. Available in your choice of membrane pore sizes for various applications, including critical-care neonate, pediatrics, chemotherapy, insulin-infusion and antibiotic therapy.

There are 8 products related to this category.

Product No. Mfg. No. Product Name Description
0056080 0056080 Micro-Infusion Filter 0.22u CA, .090" ID Ports
0060440 0060440 Micro-Infusion Filter 1.2u CA, .090" ID Ports
0065390 0065390 Micro-Infusion Filter 1.2u CA,.110" ID Ports
0065770 0065770 Micro-Infusion Filter 0.22u CA,.079" ID Ports
0069400 0069400 Micro-Infusion Filter 0.2u PES, .090" ID Ports
0069410 0069410 Micro-Infusion Filter 1.2u PES, .090" ID Ports
0070150 0070150 Micro-Infusion Filter 1.2u CA,.079" ID Ports
0070520 0070520 Micro-Infusion Filter 0.2u PES,.110" ID Ports
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