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Transducer Protectors

Designed for air or gas venting and filtration in applications such as transducer protection. Filtertek's 17mm and 25mm hydrophobic filters are available with tubing or luer lock connections for various applications.

There are 10 products related to this category.

Product No. Mfg. No. Product Name Description
0060110 0060110 17mm Filter 0.2u Hydrophobic Filter
0060800 0060800 25mm Filter 0.2u Hydrophobic Filter
0060830-00-00A 0060830-00-00A 25mm Filter 0.45u Hydrophobic Filter
0061310 0061310 17mm Filter 0.2u Hydrophobic Filter
0063800 0063800 17mm Filter 0.8u Hydrophobic Filter
0063810 0063810 17mm Filter 5.0u Hydrophobic Filter
0064260 0064260 17mm Filter 0.45u Hydrophobic Filter
0064390 0064390 17mm Filter 5.0u Hydrophobic Filter
0064390-00-00C 0064390-00-00C Transducer Protectors 17mm In-Line Filters
0073220-00-200 0073220-00-200 17mm Filter 17mm Hydrophobic Filter
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