Medical Product

Vent Cap

Vent cap filters are primarily used in medical and laboratory applications for I.V. and enteral feeding. Additional configurations are available. Various media to vent air/gases as well as monofilament screens for liquid filtration can be incorporated depending upon the application.

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Materials of Construction:

Vent Media: 0.45 micron, Acrylic Copolymer Membrane
Housing Material: Polyethylene

Sterilization Compatibility: Gamma Radiation, EtO


Type: Press Fit


Overall Dimensions: 0.46" x 0.310" stem dia (0.42" major od)
Effective Filtration Area: 0.034in^2

Performance Data:

Minimum flow rate: 80cc/min @ 36" H2O head height
Water entry pressure: >20 psi
Usability: Disposable


Standard Pack: 20,000 parts/carton (bulk, non-sterile)

Specifications are for pre-sterilized products and are subject to change without notice. Results in specific applications may vary. Filtertek recommends that end user confirm fitness in specific applications.

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