Medical Product

Vent Cap

Vent caps are primarily used in medical and laboratory applications for I.V. and enteral feeding. Additional configurations are available for unique applications. Various hydrophobic or hydrophilic media can be incorporated depending upon the application.

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Materials of Construction:

Vent Media: 3.0 microns, Acrylic Copolymer Membrane
Housing Material: Polyethylene

Sterilization Compatibility: Gamma Radiation, EtO


Type: Press Fit


Overall Dimensions: 0.46" x 0.310" stem dia (0.42" major od)
Effective Filtration Area: 0.034in^2

Performance Data:

Minimum flow rate: >150cc/min @ 20" H2O head height
Water entry pressure: >20" H2O hydrostatic pressure
Usability: Disposable


Standard Pack: 20,000 parts/carton (bulk, non-sterile)

Specifications are for pre-sterilized products and are subject to change without notice. Results in specific applications may vary. Filtertek recommends that end user confirm fitness in specific applications.

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