Medical Product


A normally closed checkvalve intended for critical infusions that uses a patented sealing mechanism. The valve's design provides zero backflow with minimal opening pressures for small-bottle drug infusions, maximizing drug use. International patents apply.

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Materials of Construction:

Filter Material: Silicone Rubber Medium
Housing Material: MABS

Biological Safety: USP Class VI Materials
Sterilization Compatibility: Gamma Radiation, EtO


Type: Male-Female Luer Lock
Inlet: Female luer lock Female Luer Lock
Outlet: Male luer lock Male Luer Lock


Overall Dimensions: 0.935" x 0.472" major diameter
Valve Static Position: Normally Closed
Position Sensitivity: None
IP: Patented

Performance Data:

Minimum flow rate: >/= 200 ml/min @ 1m H20 Head Height
Valve opening pressure: <15 cm Wg. (6 in.)
Usability: Disposable


Standard Pack: 12,000 parts/carton (bulk, non-sterile)

Specifications are for pre-sterilized products and are subject to change without notice. Results in specific applications may vary. Filtertek recommends that end user confirm fitness in specific applications.

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