Medical Product


Plastic check valve assemblies using USP Class VI plastics and valves designed for strength and performance to meet the functioning requirements in infusion systems, IV lines, syringes, diagnostic equipment and other uses.

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Materials of Construction:

Filter Material: Silicone Rubber Medium
Housing Material: MABS

Biological Safety: USP Class VI Materials
Sterilization Compatibility: Gamma Radiation, EtO


Type: Combination Fittings
Inlet: 3mm Coaxial Coaxial
Outlet: Male luer lock Male Luer Lock


Overall Dimensions: 0.819" x 0.472" major diameter
Valve Static Position: Normally Closed
Position Sensitivity: None
IP: Patent Pending

Performance Data:

Minimum flow rate: >200 ml/min @ 1m H20 Head Height
Valve opening pressure: <12.5 cm Wg (5 in.)
Usability: Disposable


Standard Pack: 12,000 parts/carton (bulk, non-sterile)

Specifications are for pre-sterilized products and are subject to change without notice. Results in specific applications may vary. Filtertek recommends that end user confirm fitness in specific applications.

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